Tips For Keeping Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

Although most of the world only has to worry about oppressive heat throughout a small portion of the year, there are places such as Singapore where heat is a daily part of life. As such, high quality and efficient air conditioning systems are essential for all homes in the area. If you’re running an AC that hasn’t been properly taken care of throughout the year, it will only lead to more expenses in the long run. AC units that aren’t cared for won’t work as well, and they can even lead to dangerous conditions for the home they’re installed in.

Those potential problems only scratch the surface. A poor maintained air filter can even become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that will negatively affect the quality of air in the home. This could lead to health risks such as the development of asthma or allergic reactions.

Fortunately, all of this can be avoided with regular air conditioner maintenance. If you’d like to learn about some common problems with AC units and how to both fix and prevent them while also saving yourself money in the long run, the following will get you on the right path:

1 – Air Filter Cleaning

Every single air conditioner contains an air filter that’s meant to keep particles and dust from entering the room. Said particles and dust can build up over time however, clogging the filter and bogging down the performance of the unit. AC experts suggest removing the filters at least a month for thorough cleaning. Higher end, expensive filters might not get as dirty quite as quickly, but it’s always best to maintain the monthly cleaning schedule.

If your filter has become clogged, the unit will require a lot more power to cool a room as well, and it can lead to the entire appliance breaking down. This can be avoided by simply cleaning the easily removed filter with warm water. You have to make sure it’s dried completely before placing it back inside of the unit however. Air drying is best since towels or rags can easily damage the surface of the filter.

2 – Have Routine Maintenance Scheduled

A lot of air conditioner owners skimp out on regular maintenance. While you may think it saves you money, it only means your inevitable repair or replacement costs will be higher in the long run. It’s of the utmost importance to schedule regular maintenance in order to check that everything is working as effectively as possible.

3 – Debris Removal

Not only do dust and debris effect air filters, they can also work their way into the rest of the unit. Of course, this causes a lot of general wear and tear. The inside of the machine must be looked at in many cases to make sure that everything is free from any obstructions. An AC repair specialist can help you if you’re too cautious to open the unit yourself.

Ultimately, regular maintenance is the only way to make sure your air conditioner will continue running in proper order for as long as possible and at the lowest overall cost. Don’t wait until the problem becomes so severe that you’re left with huge power bills and expensive repair and replacement costs. It’s more than worth it to take the initiative to maintain your AC yourself, or ideally have it handled by a professional instead.

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